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The character Heera is a local villager, who in the later part of the film goes on to become the leader and a savior to the village.In his latest honor film “EbneBatuta”, the story revolves around this character.
Lovely is a character, full of romance and struggle to get his love from the girl of her own village. The complication in his romantic life is more than the love aspect of it. Still, he goes forward and achieves his love. His journey of reaching to the award of his life is full of thrill, comedy, romance and action.

Bubly is a character who belongs to a filthy rich family of six brothers. She is the youngest amongst all the siblings. She is well educated and most protective child in the family. The problem arises in her life when she falls in love with a guy impossible to get married with, as this man is very poor, financially. Yet, their love story succeeds in spite of all the hurdles from the family. The character also plays an important part in saving her village from an unexpected and impossible welcomed trouble.
As his real life character, Vijay wants to be a successful actor in the film industry. For rest of the village, He is merely a point of fun around. As most of us think, the character is all about the person who fights with his society to embark his name at the national platform and how he reaches to his goal.
As you have always seen him in a serious roles before but for the first time Rajiv verma experiments with his own skill and plays a very important role of a foolish scientist for the villager in the film “Ebn-e-Batuta” This scientist in the later part of the films goes and discovers something beyond the existence of the world.